GMO: The Commission despises the European Parliament!

Press release of Sylvie Gherardi, Mireille D'ornano and Jean-François Jacob:

The Front National MPs Sylvie Gherardi, Mireille D'ornano and Jean-François Jacob, as well as members of other political groups, objected to the authorisation of a new GMO Monsanto tolerant of glyphosate, maize NK603xT25. They mark their disagreement with the European Commission and ask them to review their copy.

Indeed, given EFSA's method of evaluating GMOs, which mocks the opinions of national agencies and denies who's disturbing conclusions on glyphosate, there is an urgent need to halt the marketing of new GMOs.

An objection by the European Parliament was therefore adopted on 1 December in the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. This resolution was adopted on 16 December in Strasbourg by a vote in plenary. Despite this ongoing parliamentary procedure, the Commission published on 3 December the definitive authorisation of this new GMO.

This is indeed a scandal! Ignoring the views of the European elected representatives on its draft decisions, the Commission finally reveals its totalitarian and anti-democratic character, and its subjugation to lobbies. The members of the Front National are committed to follow up according to the legal means available.

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