Endocrine disrupters: The European Commission condemned for its inaction!

Press release of Mireille D'ornano, Sylvie Gherardi, Jean-François Jalhk and Joëlle Melin:

In its reply of 19 August 2015 to the written question addressed on 5 June 2015 by the MEPs Jean-François Jacob, Sylvie Gherardi and Mireille D'ornano, the European Commission committed itself to ' maximum transparency on the impact assessment carried out in the framework of The development of criteria for the definition of endocrine disruptors.

Under the European regulation of 2012 on Biocides, the Commission was to make these criteria public by 13 December 2013. Sued by Sweden for not having published these criteria, which are indispensable criteria for establishing a regulation, the Commission was condemned for its inaction.

The judgment delivered on Wednesday 16 December 2015 by the European Union Court is without appeal. It shows that the delay of the Commission in the publication of these regulatory criteria is attributable to the carrying out of an impact study, yet not obligatory, as the judges have pointed out.

Internal documents to the Commission, having been made public, tend to show that this famous impact study, responsible for the delay, was no more than a direct request from the chemical industry to the Commission's Secretariat-General.

Although there are no financial penalties foreseen, the Commission will no longer be able to wait to act, in the face of such a public health issue and after a two-year delay already. The members of the Front National requested an urgent hearing from the Commission to find out what follow-up it intended to give to this court decision.