Written Question on the free Trade agreement with India

Written Question on the free Trade Agreement with India:

On Wednesday 30 March 2016, an EU-India summit was held in Brussels, dedicated to the revival of a free trade agreement between the two protagonists. The Commission hopes to lower tariffs on European export products, and India calls for the removal of protectionist barriers in the service sector.

Free trade is beneficial for two similar economies, whose competition stimulates activity. But India is a country in full economic development, with very low wages, while Europe is a continent in the opposite of this situation. Free trade could benefit some multinationals from the EU, but would be a disaster for employment. Indeed, after the relocation of industrial jobs, Indian-English competition in the service sector would be a real catastrophe.

Does the protection and development of employment in the EU, at the heart of the Commission's programme, not require the protection of the internal market in the face of Indian competition, particularly for services?