Endocrine disruptors: The Commission does not take its responsibilities

Our press release with Mireille D'ornano and Sylvie Gherardi:

On the occasion of the plenary meeting on Wednesday 25 January, Mireille D'ornano denounced the serious misconduct committed by the European Commission on this subject.

Endocrine disrupters are substances that are present everywhere and on a daily basis, for example in packaging or chemical products. They have a detrimental and irreversible effect, especially on the hormonal system.

After the publication of a regulation on biocides in 2013, the Commission was condemned by the European Court of Justice for failing to define rapidly the criteria for endocrine disruptors.

Despite this, the Commission has still not made a decision. Its inaction should be punished for non-compliance with the European Treaties and with regard to the risks to which it exposes the citizens of European States.

The members of the national Front have taken a firm stance, clearly associating themselves with the motion of censure against the European Commission. It is regrettable that some members, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon, withdrew their support for this motion at the last moment, causing the latter to fail.