Endocrine disrupters: All parties to the rescue of the European Commission!

Communiqué of Sylvie Gherardi, Mireille D'ornano and Jean-François Jacob:

MEPs voted on 8 June in chorus a resolution urging the European Commission to publish, finally, the criteria for defining endocrine disrupters, these substances that interfere with our hormonal system and cause Multiple diseases.

The elected Front national voted against this resolution which serves no purpose for two reasons:

• The first reason is that the criteria will be published next week and all members knew it at the time of the vote.

• The second reason is that it does not oblige the Commission and that this resolution is only an alibi for those who have refused to act.

Indeed, if MEPs had really wanted to put pressure on them, they would have supported the motion of censure presented last month on this issue. But among the French elected representatives, only the elected national Front supported it. Even Jean-Luc Mélenchon withdrew his signature at the last minute not to appear on our side on a subject of public health. A real scandal!

For this resolution, the national Front had tabled an amendment so that Member States could ban dangerous substances. The Socialists and the Republicans voted against this amendment, whereas it is the policy carried out in France since 2010. As for the ecologists, they definitively chose their camp in anticipation of the legislative: that of the footstool of the PS, obedient to the orders to vote nothing coming from the National Front, was it at the expense of public health.

Once again, the elected national Front have highlighted the WSPU duplicity.