On the prohibition of toxic substances in pads and women's protections

Motion for a resolution by Jean-François Jacob, Sylvie Gherardi and Mireille D'ornano:

The European Parliament,

– Having regard to the results of a study carried out by the association 60 million of consumers published on 23 February 2016 on the composition of women's sanitary products;

A. Whereas the association 60 million of consumers highlights in its study the existence of traces of dioxins, residues of halogenated derivatives, glyphosate and residues of insecticides in a sample of women's hygienic products;

B. Whereas the international Centre for research on cancer classifies glyphosate as "probable carcinogen";

C. Whereas dioxins can cause problems of reproduction, development, damage to the immune system, interfere with the hormonal system and cause cancer according to the World Health Organization;

1. Calls for the prohibition of toxic substances in the composition of pads and women's protections.

2. Demands the obligation of manufacturers to control the raw materials of the stamps and the feminine protections they put on the market.

3. Calls for the display of the composition of the pads and women's protections on all the packages of the said products.