Minority Opinion on the amendment of Directive 2008/98/EC on waste

Whereas the proposed amendment to Directive 2008/98/EC:

-is illegitimate because it interferes with the competences reserved for the Member States, in particular by requiring tax incentives and scrutiny by the Member States themselves;

-is inapplicable because it does not take into account the radically different and irreducible national realities of a single policy, as it establishes inoperative definitions, in particular by distinguishing between municipal waste and Trade, and between organic and food waste;

-is economically overwhelming because it puts a burden on companies by developing the "extended responsibility of the producer", which is tantamount to cancelling the added value of a product;

-Induces only two consequences: a significant increase in public expenditure and a thorough integration of the internal market to the exclusive benefit of a few transnational entities;

Concerned with the economic and ecological issues of waste management, the group dissociate the work done in ENVI committee and calls, in fact waste policy, to respect for subsidiarity and to better take into account The advantages of localism.