A European regulation too lax on medical devices!

An OECD analysis published on 16 January considers that the European Union too easily grants the CE marking (European conformity) to many repaid medical technologies which are not useful or even dangerous at a time when half of the Increase in health spending is due to medical technologies.

The international organization points in particular to the devices to measure pulmonary arterial blood pressure or the surgical techniques of the spine, with risks of iatrogenic accident, i.e. health problems caused by medical treatment.

At this stage, the current European regulation causes too many products to be recalled, because of the competition between the organisations authorised to issue the CE marking for marketing purposes.

It is necessary to promote more value-added medical equipment and to ensure more efficient health policies. The general expenditure is very difficult to estimate, the European Court of Auditors having nevertheless valued it at more than 13 billion euros in France.

Does the Commission intend to adopt these conclusions and improve the financial and institutional viability of health systems?