LED Bulbs Harmful to health

A study by Inserm published on January 10, 2017, shows the threat posed by the use of LED bulbs for health.

In contrast to the numerous incentives from the public authorities and the EU to develop them, French researchers, together with the "French Ophthalmic Society", warn of the harmfulness of exposure to blue light. The only tests that we have, otherwise without call, are carried out on animals, without reliable data on humans for years. Among other sources of light, only LEDs cause damage to the retina.

In 2005 already, the National Agency for Health and environmental safety called for in-depth studies while the EU prided itself on reducing the energy consumption of lighting by means of LED.

Its actual environmental assessment is far from being established, in addition no research has yet been carried out on the environmental impact of the manufacture of these LEDs, which requires the exploitation of precious metals. As a precaution, specialists call for a multiplication of studies and to think about a new generation of light bulbs that contain less blue.

Does the Commission confirm that it gives priority to energy savings in relation to the health of citizens?