On the risks associated with the authorisation of GMOs

Requested by German NGOs hostile to GMOs, the Court of the European Union confirmed on 15 December last the legality of a marketing authorisation for products containing genetically modified soybeans granted in 2012 to Monsanto company Europe.

The Commission's authorization was for foodstuffs and food ingredients destined for humans and animals and was based on the expertise of the food Safety Authority to ensure that conventional soybeans were as safe as their Genetically modified.

According to the Commission's statement that the community judges are defending, the composition of the two varieties is of no appreciable difference and the measure of possible toxicity and allergenic risk has been strictly assessed.

NGOs denounce the lightness of these assessments and the danger of young children from allergic risk.

I cannot remind the Commission too much of the impact of GMO crops on species diversity, as well as the dependence of a whole sector on one or two multinationals.

Will the Commission resolve itself, and if so, at what deadline, to conduct a more in-depth study on the risks associated with these GMOs?