On the churches seized by Erdogan

On the churches seized by Erdogan

Parliamentary Question by Louis Aliot, co-signed by Bernard Monot, Marie-Christine Buttont, Edouard Ferrand, Nicolas Bay, Philippe love, Gilles Lebreton, Mylène Troszczynski and Jean-François Jacob:

On 25 March 2017, an order of seizure of six churches was pronounced by the Turkish government in a town in south-east Diyarbakir. Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches are concerned.

Under the pretext of wanting to rebuild the historic centre of the city, partially destroyed after ten months of conflict, the Turkish Government is actually hardening its repression against Christians who represent only 0.4% of the population. In fact, according to the words of a local pastor, the government did not take these goods to protect them. He did so to acquire them and exercise control over them. Christians and their supporters fear a restriction of their religious freedom.

This new initiative by the Turkish Government clearly aimed at suppressing the Christian minority is unbearable and proves once again the lack of flexibility of the Turkish head of government and his aversion to religious pluralism.

Does the Commission intend, this time, to suspend the negotiations on the accession of Turkey of the European Union on a final basis?