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Jean-François Jalkh

European MP


Dear fellow citizens, dear activists,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my website, where you can find the summary of my activities as deputy and Vice President of the National Front in charge of legal affairs.

Following my election in the Grand Est constituency, I have been sitting in the European Parliament since 1 July 2014. Our political group for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), founded in July 2015, has significantly increased the influence and the representation of another Europe, that of the patriots! Among the 22 parliamentary committees, in which we defend a Europe in the service of nations, I’m a full member of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and the Committee on Budgetary Control.

With my colleagues Sylvie Goddyn and Joëlle Mélin, we propose new paths and amend the texts relating to GMOs, cloning, pharmaceutical industry and to other burning issues in order to defend today and restore tomorrow our sovereignty in the domain of health and food. However, nowadays the environmental policy has considerably extended its field of competence. For that reason, I made the decision to sit on an ad hoc committee, set up in order to investigate within one year emission of pollutants from vehicles, following the Volkswagen scandal, which shook the European car industry. I defended with my Austrian colleague, Georg Mayer the conviction that in the current economic war ecology is a protectionist weapon and not an ideological whim without economic reality.

This website is a work and information tool. Everyone can consult the legislative initiatives and the results of my votes, as well as media news about me. In order to follow the events as close as possible, I encourage you to follow my accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, beyond a deputy and a cadre of the National Front, this website contributes to the great patriotic effort which will give back France to the interests of French people.

I wish you a pleasant reading!

Jean-François Jalkh



60, Rue Wiertz – ASP1H254 – 1047 Bruxelles


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